Family Time

I absolutely love the holidays, EVERY holiday!! There is always great holiday themed crafts to choose from and of course the BIG holidays are the best as that is when we have an everybody included Family Time, getting to see all the people who are just too busy during the year to get together with you.

The holidays are a mandatory stop what you are doing, get over here and spend some time with me!

I know, it is like the most pathetic, worst way to get some time in with your family but… that is just how it is sometimes.

I have kind of made it a mission to change that for my little ones. I have one on one coffee dates and movie nights with the kids. As my son gets older (he is now 11) I am finding that his needs and the things he has to deal with at school and life in general are MUCH different than my 6 year old.

My hope is to keep this going as they get older, cross my fingers hope to die —  such a strange saying, remember this as a kid?, I don’t remember where i first heard it. Anyway I am hoping that if we keep this up, making time for a short coffee break or dinner date with mom it will be easy, second nature – even tradition as they get older.

Creating great memories doesn’t have to be extraordinary and certainly not expensive. It’s about the little moments of family bonding, love, and good feelings.

Great family time ideas.

  1. Family game night! Brittany over at MOM. WIFE. BUSY LIFE. Posts about THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY GAME NIGHTS + OUR TOP 25 GAMES TO PLAY TOGETHER, check it out, it is a good read.
  2. The Ultimate List of Fun Indoor Activities! 85 Indoor activities for he whole family.
  3. Family Meal – one of the things that inspired me last Thanksgiving season. I am part of a Facebook group where someone put together a Thanksgiving meal and gave it away to a family in need. Someone suggested doing it throughout the year as the Holiday season is not the only time people struggle with putting a meal on the table. So every Sunday when we put our bi-weekly meal plan together I put a give it away meal together. The kids, get to “shop” for the meal and put it together when we get home. We try to do it at least once a month.
  4. Learn a new language. We actually have a language corner.   language corner Going to your local library for books and even dvds is a great find. Also there are many websites that are free and offer free downloadable activities to help you along the way. Including,, and
  5. We also do a – learn something bi-weekly. It is where the kids choose something they want to learn about; animals, weather, countries, how to grow things, coding, how to create a video game, photoshopping…the list can go on and on. Sometimes we learn the same thing together or we will have two things going. With such a difference in age, their interests can be very different. Again – the library is your best friend.


Here is to another year of making time for family!




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